PeterC's Gelato ToDO list

Things I'm intending to do in the near future, or have done in the near past.

This page is no longe maintained. See the Wiki at for more information on what's happening at Gelato@unsw.

Thread performance

Install lockmetering on an SMP machine
Done 2002.03.07
Invent some SMP benchmarks to stress the machine
Evaluate lockmetering output on IA64 and I386
The idea being to compare/contrast
Analyse problems for shared things between threads

General Kernel stuff

Fix all kernel compilation warnings on IA64
there are many size mismatches

IA64 preemption

Port Robert Love's preemption stuff to IA64.
Mostly done for 2.5.45, need to update to 2.5.52 and retest; need to test more on SMPDONE
Test with TCP/IP stresses
Reports exist of failures to ack packets if incoming packets come too fast --- preemption should help here

TCP/IP Performance

Evaluate and improve TCP/IP performance so that gigabit networking leaves the machine useable at 100% load.

Microstate accounting

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