Re: [PATCH] New way of storing MCA/INIT logs

From: Zoltan Menyhart <>
Date: 2008-03-07 04:29:21
Luck, Tony wrote:
>>A rough estimation can be done as follows:
>>Assume you have an MTBF of 30,000 hours.
>>The probability of having an MCA in a one minute time frame is less
>>than 1 / (60 * 30,000) < 10^(-6).
>>The probability of having two independent errors causing MCAs in
>>the same one minute time frame is less than 10^(-12).
> Russ's large systems change these.  Is 30,000 hours a plausible
> MTBF for a DIMM.  What if the system contains 8TB memory in 2GB
> DIMMs.  Now you have 4096 DIMM sticks in the system.  Redo your
> calculations for this large system.
> -Tony

Can you please provide some real MTBF data?


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