RE: [kvm-devel] ia64 kernel patches?

From: Zhang, Xiantao <>
Date: 2008-01-26 15:56:33
Jes Sorensen wrote:
> Zhang, Xiantao wrote:
>> Jes Sorensen wrote:
>>> Hi Xiantao,
>>> If you could put up the patches somewhere, I could
>>> help you clean them up and push them. I would prefer not
>>> to wait until they appear in Linus' tree if possible.
>> Hi, Jes
>> 	You don't need to wait so long. We will push it to Avi's tree
>> in near future once ia64 kernel ready. Thanks Xiantao
> Hi Xiantao,
> Please, put it in a public tree somewhere, either on or
> a different public server. This is how everybody else does Open Source
> development - it is much easier in the long run as others will be
> able to send you fixes instead of waiting 4 months.

Hi, Jes
	Thanks for your suggestion!   Yes, we need to create a public
tree and work together for development.  OK, we will setup it ASAP:)

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