RE: [kvm-devel] ia64 kernel patches?

From: Zhang, Xiantao <>
Date: 2008-01-25 12:18:51
Hi, Jes
Yes, Anthony and I are working with kernel-ia64 and kvm community to push the patches. Since kernel should export some interface for kvm use, we have to wait the response from kernel-ia64. But anyway,  It should be picked up in near future. :)  Compared with last push, we added smp guest support and got more stable status now . 

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* Jes Sorensen ( wrote:
> Trying to browse the list archives, but both gmane and sourcefrog's
> interfaces are really painful to deal with.
> So, any chance someone could point me at the current ia64 KVM kernel
> patches? I notice they are not yet in Avi's tree.

The last full round of patches I recall are from December.
Maybe better to get updated patches from Xiantao?

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