Re: [RFC PATCH] enabling kernel lock validator for ia64

From: Luming Yu <>
Date: 2008-01-14 20:24:21

Thanks for pointing out the problems, I will update patch accordingly.

> Next on your TODO list was:
> >  1.MAX_LOCKDEP_KEYS too low! (*due to ia64 64K percpu data size limitation*)
> How much extra per-cpu memory (roughly) do we need.  Would it be enough to
> jump from 64K to the next supported page size (256K), or the one after (1MB).
> It should be relatively simple to make the per-cpu page size larger for the
> lockdep config.  Or do we need *MUCH* more per-cpu memory for this?

the default MAX_LOCKDEP_KEYS_BITS 11 will lead to the demand of 1M
per cpu memory.(.data.percpu [0000000004980000 -> 00000000049e7917])

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