RE: [RFC PATCH] clean up use of ia64 tool chain check scripts --resent

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2008-01-04 09:07:49
-GAS_STATUS	= $(shell $(srctree)/arch/ia64/scripts/check-gas "$(CC)" "$(OBJDUMP)")
-CPPFLAGS += $(shell $(srctree)/arch/ia64/scripts/toolchain-flags "$(CC)" "$(OBJDUMP)" "$(READELF)")

If we delete these calls from the Makefile, then should we also
delete the scripts themselves (and the test programs that they
use) from arch/ia64/scripts?


and if we are going to just unconditionally set these defines, perhaps
we should clean the #ifdef'd code out of the source tree so we can
remove this clutter from the Makefile too?

It all sounds good to me ... but I'll wait a few more days in case
somebody who knows better is still on their winter holiday break.
[This is 2.6.25 cleanup material anyway, so waiting is not an issue]

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