RE: [PATCH] ia64: Avoid unnecessary TLB flushes when allocating memory

From: de Dinechin, Christophe (Integrity VM) <>
Date: 2007-12-17 21:42:10
Luck, Tony wrote:
> Do you know what the call sequence looks like for the few cases where
> your patch doesn't manage to avoid (you mentioned just 170 times out
> of several million in the patch submission)?

One of the stack traces happens (at least for RedHat 2.6.9-42.EL) during module loading / unloading. This one seems quite legitimate to me. I don't know if there are others.

 [<a00000010005b3d0>] local_flush_tlb_all+0xd0/0x1e0
 [<a000000100053cd0>] smp_flush_tlb_all+0x70/0xa0
 [<a000000100119e50>] unmap_vm_area+0x390/0x3c0
 [<a00000010011a820>] __remove_vm_area+0x80/0xe0
 [<a00000010011a8b0>] remove_vm_area+0x30/0x80
 [<a00000010011a980>] __vunmap+0x80/0x2a0
 [<a00000010011ac40>] vfree+0xa0/0xc0
 [<a000000100050430>] module_free+0x90/0xc0

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