Leaving HP

From: Stephane Eranian <eranian_at_hpl.hp.com>
Date: 2007-12-11 19:28:58

After 11 years at HP Labs, I have decided to resign to pursue a job
opportunity at another high tech company.

This change is unrelated to the perfmon2 work and will *not* affect my
commitment to this project. In my new job, I will dedicate some official
time to continue its development. There are lots of very interesting things
we can do with this technology. But for now, we all need to focus on the
merge into the mainline kernel.

Many of you know me by now and I think you understand my personal dedication
to this project, so rest assured that I will continue to produce patches,
accept patches, participate in the discussions on mailing lists, explain
what the interface does and why it does it.

I am proud to have a very active community of users and developers covering
a very wide spectrum of hardware and interests. I think I have always treated
everybody fairly regardless of who they work for or the hardware they use.
I have received a lot of recognition and appreciation in return and I did
really appreciate it. I want to continue working with all of you.

In terms of logistics, all questions should be directed to the perfmon2
mailing-list at perfmon2-devel@lists.sf.net. The HPlabs web site has
been updated to point to the Sourceforge site.

My last day at HP will be Dec 21st. From now on, you can contact me
at <eranian at gmail.com>.


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