Re: [rfc][patch] remove nopage

From: Takashi Iwai <>
Date: 2007-11-15 00:26:35
At Mon, 12 Nov 2007 02:56:43 +0100,
Nick Piggin wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a patch to remove 'nopage' from the tree.
> I've gone through all the drivers and converted them to use fault as best
> I can. When using fault, I've also tried to use vmf->pgoff rather than the
> virtual address to find the page (which is much preferred). Mostly it has
> been OK, but DRM is a bit difficult, as it seems to use vma->vm_pgoff as
> a 2nd dimension of addressing.
> I've also done some other things while going through at the code...
> Converted incorrect OOM returns to SIGBUS.  OOM should only be returned as a
> result of a memory allocation failure. We will actually want the fault path OOM
> handling to be unified with the normal OOM killing path in future, and that
> means the box will panic if panic_on_oom is set, or it will oom-kill random
> processes before retrying the fault, etc.  SIGBUS means something like
> "physical address (ie. after translation) does not exist", which is appropriate
> AFAIKS in all cases (but please double check).
> Got rid of some bogus looking "disallow mremap" checks that just check for
> address > vma->vm_end. Am I missing something here? Presumably this is supposed
> to prevent an mremap expanding the mapping outside the limit of the underlying
> resource, but actually mremap will update vma->vm_end, and anyway this
> condition is already checked in the page fault code. Others seem to get this
> right by checking the underlying resource itself. Others don't seem to even
> care. Might be a fair window for corruption / security problems here. Probably
> we need a flag that explicitly prevents mremap() so driver writers don't have
> to think too hard.
> Now all these are going to need to be split up properly, but if we can
> take a look at this all together, the discussion will be more coherent ;)

The changes in the sound stuff look OK.  It works fine as long as I've


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