Re: [PATCH] ptrace RSE bug

From: Petr Tesarik <>
Date: 2007-11-14 18:55:38
Roland McGrath wrote:
>> I found it extremely difficult to trigger the race condition without the
>> articifial test - arch_ptrace_stop() only sleeps if the user page is not
>> present, but in the common case the register stack backing store will
>> have been quite recently accessed by the process.
> It is supposed to be a rare race, after all. :-)  We're just being thorough
> to cover it, not that it ever actually happened in practice or was expected to.
>> It should be possible to create a large file, flush the page cache, put
>> the RSE into lazy mode, flush it and map the register stack from that
>> file, so that no memory accesses to the backing store are done before
>> ptrace_stop(), but for the time being I placed an msleep(100) after
>> arch_ptrace_stop().
> And then make the file so mapped be from a broken NFS or FUSE or somesuch
> mount that actually blocks forever on the fault.  That would be the
> probable style of a DoS attack exploiting this to create unkillable processes.

That's exactly what I did. FUSE doesn't implement mmap (guess why), but
I was able to trigger the race even with a working NFS after tweaking
the timing a bit. I'm attaching the test case I used (the NFS volume was
mounted on /nfs).

Petr Tesarik

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