Re: panic from vector domain patch (was RE: Linus' tree broken?)

From: Doug Chapman <>
Date: 2007-07-25 15:09:45

I added a bunch of printk's to try to better understand this.
ia64_mv.setup does get initialized properly but then gets overwritten.
It appears that it gets overwritten in __bind_irq_vector but I have not
narrowed down exactly where.  I put a printk at the top and bottom of
this function to show what ia64_mv.setup is and I am finding that on the
3rd call to this function it causes ia64_mv.setup to get set to -1.

It is getting way too late for me (1AM here).  I will try to dig into
this more tomorrow but at least I have narrowed it down to a bit of code
that actually is touched by the commit that causes the panic.

- Doug

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