debug registers and fork

From: Stephane Eranian <>
Date: 2007-02-27 10:51:54

I have come across an issue with a monitoring using the
hardware debug registers on ia64/i386/x86-64.

It seems that the way debug registers are inherited across fork
differs between ia-64 and i386/x86-64. On ia-64, the debug registers
are NEVER inherited in the child. The copy_thread() routine clears
the necessary thread flags to avoid reloading the debug registers in
the child.

Now, on x86-64, it appears that the TIF_DEBUG flag is inherited via
setup_thread_stack(). By virtue of dup_task_struct() the debug registers
get copied into the child task on fork. So the child has active breakpoints,
unless I am mistaken somewhere.

Given the way the ptrace() interface works, I would tend to
think that the ia-64 way is the correct one. Any comment?

Furthermore, on i386/x86-64, when switching out from a task with TIF_DEBUG
enabled to another which does not, it seems we do not clear the debug
registers (at least dr7) so they become inactive.

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