man clone on ia64 incomplete/wrong

From: Grant Grundler <>
Date: 2006-12-30 04:55:16

Helge Deller recently posted a Linux Test Project test failure
on the parisc-linux mailing list:

I took the code snippet he posted and tried to compile/run that
on x86 (no problems) and ia64 (undefined reference to `clone').
This is a "known problem". Email thread from 2003:

The LTP test case was fixed but not the clone man page.
When I was surprised by the link error,  first thing I did was
"man clone" and got the impression there was a bug in ia64 user
space support.  But Helge spared me the digging around and pointed
me at the clone2 code in the original test case.
Anyone working for Intel/HP/Hitachi/SGI/et al care enough to fix
the man page as well?

This would be a good "student" or "intern" task if someone is
looking to contribute to linux without having to know too much.

Basically just need to add a reference to "clone2" and indicate
which architectures do not support clone(2).

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