From: Luck, Tony <tony.luck_at_intel.com>
Date: 2006-12-12 10:58:18
The kexec/crash_dump patches for ia64 have gone into Linus'
tree ... but there are some loose ends to tidy up.  One of them
is what is supposed to happen if I configure CONFIG_KEXEC=y with

The current result is build errors unless both are 'n' or both
are 'y'.  Looking at Documentation/kdump/kdump.txt it looks like
the original intent was that CONFIG_KEXEC=y be used for the normal
kernel that you run all the time, and CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=y be used
for the kernel that you transfer to when bad stuff has happened to
actually dump memory.

But on ia64 I don't think that we need such a distinction.  We don't
need to link the crashdump kernel at a special address, so it can
be the same binary as our normal kernel.

I did take a quick look at untangling KEXEC/CRASH_DUMP ... but
there seem to be a few places where the ia64 port assumes that
both are either set or not set.

Perhaps the path of least resistance would be to just fix
arch/ia64/Kconfig to only offer a single "kexec + crashdump"
option that sets both CONFIG options?  Or are there other
benefits/reasons to keep separate options?

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