Never thought that so small woody exists.

From: Black Lea <>
Date: 2006-12-06 17:17:07
Hello man

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oxygen . . . and baths.'
     A  few moments  later Stravinsky and his retinue were gone. Through the
window and the grille  the gay, springtime wood gleamed  brightly on the far
bank and the river sparkled in the noon sunshine.
Nikanor Ivanovich Bosoi, chairman of  the tenants'  association  of No.
302A, Sadovaya  Street,  Moscow,  where the  late Berlioz had lived, was  in
trouble. It had all begun on the previous Wednesday night.
     At midnight, as we already know, the police had arrived with Zheldybin,
had  hauled Nikanor Ivanovich out of  bed, told him  of Berlioz's death  and
followed him to flat No. 50. There they had sealed the deceased's papers and

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