Re: Ski for huge page size !

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2006-11-27 19:52:24
>>>>> "sudhnesh" == sudhnesh adapawar <> writes:

sudhnesh> Hey all !  I am thinking to use ski simulator as I can get
sudhnesh> the ia64 (Itanium 2)simulated on ia32 archi....So can I use
sudhnesh> this product for the project related to huge page size ???
sudhnesh> Will the problems related to huge pages such as
sudhnesh> swapping,IO,etc...will be covered if I use ski with 2.6
sudhnesh> kernel image configured for ia64 archi with huge page size
sudhnesh> support ?????

Should work perfectly.  We've been using Ski for similar work, looking
at SuperPage support.
Dr Peter Chubb  peterc AT           ERTOS within National ICT Australia
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