RE: 05e0caad3b7bd0d0fbeff980bca22f186241a501 breaks ia64 kdump

From: Zou, Nanhai <>
Date: 2006-11-20 12:40:32
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> Subject: RE: 05e0caad3b7bd0d0fbeff980bca22f186241a501 breaks ia64 kdump
> > I think that depends on the init value of memmap, if they
> > are all zero, free_pages_check will be happy and not report
> > any thing. So I guess we may see this bug in normal kernel
> > with a warm reboot, or with a machine which PROM does not
> > clear memory to all zero.
> I don't think there is any requirement that PROM clear memory
> to zero ... if the kernel is making that assumption anywhere,
> then this is a bug.  I thought that the initialization code
> wrote to each of the fields of the page struct that it needed
> to (certainly ->count and ->flags are set by __free_pages_bootmem,
> but I'm not so sure about ->mapping ... which free_pages_check()
> looks at).
  Yes, so the add_active_range in discontigmem need fix. 
  I think Bob's patch is ok, it is almost the same as mine except the CONFIG_KEXEC part. So we may first include Bob's patch, I will add CONFIG_KEXEC part after KEXEC_KDUMP patch is in mainstream.
  Zou Nan hai
> -Tony
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