RE: cross compile for host=ia32 and target=ia64

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2006-11-16 05:07:23
> I have downloaded the HP ski simulator and I want to run it on my ia32 machine.
> For this I need to cross compile the kernel.
> Though I tried the cross ciimpilation but did not succeed.
> Can anyone please tell me from where can I get the pre-build binaries
> and clear steps to cross compile for host=ia32 and target=ia64?

This question was asked a couple of weeks ago (check the archives
of this mailing list for the topic "cross compiling ia64 kernels"
at either or
at  I don't recall that anyone provided
a pointer to pre-built binaries of the compiler, but there were some
pointers to websites on how to build it yourself).

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