Re: [PATCH 0/1] mspec driver: compile error

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2006-11-08 20:42:02
Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-11-07 at 13:35 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> The problem occurs because i386 (as expected) does not define
> IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR. I thought that making the select expression
> depend on IA64 as shown below might silence allmodconfig:
>   select IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR if IA64
> But my guess was wrong and the same warning appeared. It seems that "if"
> expressions do not prevent allmodconfig from checking the symbol
> indicated by the select the "if" is conditioning. By the way, is this
> the expected behaviour? If so, we need to get rid of the reverse
> dependency, modify the "depends on" line accordingly, and make
> IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR selectable. I may be missing the whole point so
> please correct if I am wrong.

This patch is a bad solution as it requires people to manually select
the uncached allocator. It should be enabled automatically by MSPEC,
not the other way round.

Given that MSPEC is clearly marked as depending on IA64, it seems bogus
for i386 allmodconfig to barf over it and the problem should be fixed
there instead IMHO.

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