Re: [PATCH]send slave cpus to SAL slave loop on crash (IA64)

From: Jay Lan <>
Date: 2006-11-04 04:42:23
Zou, Nanhai wrote:
>   --noio patch should be the same to my original sugguestion..., it bypass all PIO and MMIO in purgatory with --noio option. I need to have a check though.

Hi Nanhai,

I finally got a chance to look at this further.

Your patch touched four files:

I replaced both of the io.h with my version and it still
failed. So, it should be the way --noio option being handled
that made the difference.

I did have debug messages showing that "noio" option was
processed in elf_rel_set_symbol() in my testing. Does
kernel code need to know about this option? Somehow
this change makes kernel fail in init().

 - jay

>   Thanks
>   Zou Nan hai
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