RE: 05e0caad3b7bd0d0fbeff980bca22f186241a501 breaks ia64 kdump

From: Zou, Nanhai <>
Date: 2006-11-03 12:19:24
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> Subject: RE: 05e0caad3b7bd0d0fbeff980bca22f186241a501 breaks ia64 kdump
> Hi,
> 	This patch should fix the issue.
> Thanks
> Zou Nan hai

Some description of the issue,
	When ia64 kernel is configured as discontinuous memory model, 
active_pages are added through efi_memmap_walk(filter_rsvd_memory, count_node_pages). 
filter_rsvd_memory  will filter out all regions in rsvd_regions include 
- boot param
- mem map
- initrd
- command line
- **** kernel code and data ***
- kernel map built from efi memmap
- crash kernel reserved region
So the kernel code and data is excluded even without kdump support,
check /proc/iomem and dmesg for early_node_data can verify that.
But magically, the first kernel boots happily without any complain...,
I guess that is related to the init value in memmap. 

This patch use another filter to add_acvitive_pages, only exclude crash kernel reserved region if CONFIG_KEXEC is on.

However I am still not understand what the start = OREDERROUNDDOWN(start) in cound_node_page is used for, it round up mem_data[node].min_pfn to a very huge alignment.
I guess we can get rid of this by not using filter_rsvd_memory to call count_node_pages.

Zou Nan hai

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