[ANNOUNCE]: FC6 ia64 ISOs available

From: Prarit Bhargava <prarit_at_redhat.com>
Date: 2006-11-03 01:53:45
I've built a set of FC6 ia64 ISOs (CD set and DVD) which are available 
for download from


9aea82e31ace9ceb3e5aba210f4cda14  FC6GOLD-ia64-disc1.iso
c3b3dd2e4cc0e4c60e4589532e79b4b4  FC6GOLD-ia64-disc2.iso
093b5aa79be4cd9ab8aff6f743df9fec  FC6GOLD-ia64-disc3.iso
f90baccedc2a1d5b1a0582649235691f  FC6GOLD-ia64-disc4.iso
afcfa7f9d6b47b2f78107dcbcce63eef  FC6GOLD-ia64-disc5.iso
88ad15a45ca9dad378636cf572f4be03  FC6GOLD-ia64-DVD.iso

(Click on Download on left-hand side, and then the FC6 directory)

These are labelled as FC6GOLD to differentiate them from the broken sets 
that Yanmin attempted to release last week.  md5sums are provided.

We have verified CD, DVD, NFS, http, ftp installs on various HP & SGI boxes. 

Please remember that FC6 ia64 is _unsupported_ by Fedora.  You can file 
bugs, but be sure to file them against the devel branch of Fedora Core.  
Also, add "fedora-ia64" to the "blocks" field of the BZ.

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