RE: [patch] More Itanium PAL spec updates

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2006-11-02 11:36:58
+#define PAL_MEMORY_BUFFER	277	/* Provide cacheable memory for PAL */

This call looks like a new headache for kexec :-(  While there are
hooks to relocate the buffer, I can't see a way to just take back
the buffer ... which makes life hard when kexec'ing from one kernel
to a possibly entirely unrelated OS.  It might be a whole lot better
if the OS didn't touch this (SAL or EFI could set up the buffer?)

+		     "Max Purges                     : %d\n"
 		     "Size of RR.rid                 : %d\n",
+		     vm_info_2.pal_vm_info_2_s.max_purges?
+				vm_info_2.pal_vm_info_2_s.max_purges : 1,

max_purges == 65535 means "unlimited".  Should we be helpful here and
print an explicit "unlimited" ... or rely on users having read SDM page

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