Re: [PATCH] IA64 trap code 16 bytes atomic copy on montecito

From: bibo,mao <>
Date: 2006-10-31 19:19:16
Chen, Kenneth W wrote:
> Keith Owens wrote on Monday, October 30, 2006 10:18 PM
>>> +GLOBAL_ENTRY(kprobe_update_inst_bundle)
>>> +	alloc loc0=ar.pfs,3,1,0,0
>>> +
>>> +	and r15=15,r34
>>> +	and r14=15,r33
>> Use in0, in1, in2, not r32-34.
> Also there is no need to resize the register stack frame here, since
> this is already a leaf function and there are plenty scratch register
> you can use before tap into register stack.  I personally prefer not
> to do alloc instruction here.
> And I think it would be a lot easier if you implement an intrinsic
> function, like ia64_ld16/ia64_st16 and stick them in include/asm-ia64/
> gcc_intrin.h and intel_intrin.h.
but there will be inline asm in c language, it is not benefit for gcc to
optimization, I hear that IA64 hates inline asm.

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