Re: [patch] MCA recovery: Montecito support

From: Hidetoshi Seto <>
Date: 2006-10-26 10:21:34
Russ Anderson wrote:
> I reworked that routine to look at all the valid cache target identifiers
> and use the one with the lowest cache level.  
> I've opened a Quad issue to get clarification from Intel as to 
> which target identifier triggered the MCA if there are multiple
> cache checks with valid target identifiers.  
> This patch also leaves mca.c unchanged.  I'll treat that as a seperate
> patch if needed.

Looks good.

But I have one more question (for intel possibly):
- If identifiers in cache_check and bus_check are different,
   the cache's always takes priority and the bus's will be ignored.
   Are there any opposite case, such as a case of error log that have
   corrected cache_checks with ignorable identifiers and an uncorrected
   bus_check with significant identifier?

I guess if both are significant it would be separated double MCA,
or should be reset by SAL/platform.


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