A regression in IA64 kexec/kdump patch for 2.6.18?

From: Jay Lan <jlan_at_engr.sgi.com>
Date: 2006-10-17 06:59:42
I ran into a problem not seen in kexec/dkump 2.6.17rc5 ia64 patch.
The system on test was an Altix.

The system was booted up fine; however, after loading 'kexec -p'
and "echo c >/proc/sysrq-triggeĊ•", the crashdump kernel would try
to boot up and restarted the system near the end of init().

The extraodinary message observed on the console was
    Warning: unable to open an initial console

but the actual reboot seems to be invoked in running /sbin/init:

The problem is 100% reproducible. I have disabled all cpus except
cpu0 in my testing.

Is this a known problem? Anyone else runs into this?

 - jay
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