[patch] ia64 kexec/kdump: Pass PAGE_OFFSET to purgatory

From: Horms <horms_at_verge.net.au>
Date: 2006-10-06 14:11:15
Currently the page offset is hard coded to 0xe000000000000000UL
at compile time of kexec-tools. This patch changes things around
so the page offset is handed to purgatory by the kexecing kernel.

Note that this changes the ABI between purgatory (part of kexec-tools)
and the kernel kexec code. There are both kernel and kexec-tools portions
of this patch. However, they are both quite short and IMHO simple.


  H: http://www.vergenet.net/~horms/
  W: http://www.valinux.co.jp/en/

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