Stock promotion group is in search of new partners

From: Dylan Whaley <>
Date: 2006-08-28 22:30:02
Hello Investor/Stock owner,

We are a stock promotion company and we can promote any kind of stocks. We are in search of serious partners with whom we can make bussines together.That proposal is for you if you are:

Stock owner

You own an underrated stock and the market price of your stock is from 0.001 to 1$

We can increase the price of your stock and we can increase average day trading volume. We can increase price up to 200-250% in 2-3 weeks and also we can increase volume by 10 times each trading day. You don't have to pay anything in advance. First we increase the price and the volume, then you pay. We will prove it for 1 day for free.

Payment: Our price for that is 6% from the daily volume. We count it by the following formula: (prev. close price + today open price)/2 * daily volume. 




You want to invest some money and you want to make big profits? Our company can help you in that. We know exactly which stocks will increase in price and wich will be falling down. We will give you advices and according to that advices you will make decisions. We will prove it for 1 day for free. We will tell you the price of the stock in advance and you will see that our stock promotion group works hard in order to make your investment portfolio grow.

Payment: Our price for that is 25-30% from your income. Before the deal you are telling us on which ammount of money you are buying/selling stock and we are counting the future profit and take 30% from that profit. You don't have to pay anything in advance, you pay only then you receive your profit.

If you are interested in our proposal please write me back to the following email: J O B (at) thesecpay4. i n f o

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