RE: Increase default nodes shift to 10

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2006-08-23 05:06:23
> Could we set these limits consitently to the largest IA64 configuration to 
> make sure that a generic IA64 kernel is able to run on all machines?

We could ... but Horms has a good point that we might not
want to do this if the cost is high.  Can you estimate how
much memory will be allocated in these NR_CPUS and MAX_NUMNODES
sized arrays.  If it is only[1] a couple of hundred Kbytes, then
it might be worth it (even little IA-64 systems have 1GB, so
100K is 0.01%).


[1] "only" still sounds weird when talking about more memory
than my first UNIX computer (a pdp11/34) had in total to
support up to 30 users.
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