Re: [PATCH] reformat ivt.S for 80-column use

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2006-08-10 17:24:02
>>>>> "Al" == Al Stone <> writes:

Al> So, my first patch for this list....please be gentle with me :).
Al> I was having to read ivt.S quite a bit and the old formatting just
Al> finally got to me; this patch rearranges comments so that
Al> everything can be seen on an 80-column display, in line with Linux
Al> coding style.  No instructions have been changed.  With any luck,
Al> I didn't screw up any of the white space otherwise.

Al> Signed-off-by: Al Stone <>


Some of the really complex code is unnecessarily hard to follow due to
this, so I give you my ack!

Acked-by: Jes Sorensen <>

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