Re: bogus gas error messages

From: David Mosberger-Tang <>
Date: 2006-07-25 02:10:51
Hi Jim,

On 21 Jul 2006 20:34:58 -0700, James E Wilson <> wrote:

> There is similar language in the Software Conventions and Run-time
> Architecure Guide.  In Appendix B, Unwind Descriptor Record Format,
> section B.5, in the Format X2 description, it gives encodings for all
> registers other than r0/f0/f1.  Looking at this, it is clear that r0 is
> a problem here, because the obvious encoding for r0 is actually used by
> the restorereg record type.

You're right, the SCRA does exclude spilling of f0/f1 via the X2
descriptor.  I didn't remember that being the case.  I agree that the
asssembler shouldn't emit code that would be undefined per SCRA, so
the current behavior gas is fine.  I'll need to update the libunwind
test-suite to account for that.


Mosberger Consulting LLC,
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