Re: [PATCH] kprobe invalidate icache of jump buffer

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2006-06-29 22:52:27
>>>>> "Mao" == bibo, mao <> writes:

Mao> Hi, Kprobe inserts breakpoint instruction in probepoint and then
Mao> jump to jmp buffer, the jump buffer icache must be consistent
Mao> with dcache. Here is the patch invalidates jump buffer icache
Mao> area. Without this patch, in some machines there will be fault
Mao> when jumping to jmp buffer where icache content is inconsistent
Mao> with dcache.

Mao> This patch has been tested in my IA32, x86_64 and IA64 box, but
Mao> is not tested in SPARC64 and powerpc architecture. It is based on
Mao> kernel 2.6.17 version.  Signed-off-by: bibo,mao
Mao> <> Thanks bibo,mao diff -Nruap

Your patch seems to have been mangled by your mail client. Please also
make it comply with Documentation/CodingStyle

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