Re: [PATCH] fix prom revision checks in SN kernel

From: Aaron Young <>
Date: 2006-06-28 08:09:16
> > Yeah, I didn't go for any clean up. We *shouldn't* be adding
> > any more explicit prom rev. checks to the code because we
> > now have an interface to check for prom "features" - see
> > sn_prom_feature_available().
> Recollections of that in the hind-brain prompted me to think
> that there should be a better way.
> > Unfortunately these checks were added before the interface
> > was available and therefore the checks have to stay.
> Makes sense.
> > I can still do some clean up if preferred.
> No, 3-places doesn't really justify invention of a generic
> method ... and since you've already got a better method that
> will prevent this from spreading elsewhere, I'll take it
> as-is.

 Tony, hold up. I was just informed there is a patch in-play which
 will conflict with this one:

 It removes the prom rev. check from
 drivers/pci/hotplug/sgi_hotplug.c replacing it with
 a sn_prom_feature_available() call. It's obviously
 the preferrable code.

 Should I resubmit without a change to drivers/pci/hotplug/sgi_hotplug.c?


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