Re: patches added to release/test trees

From: Keith Owens <>
Date: 2006-06-24 18:10:12
"Luck, Tony" (on Fri, 23 Jun 2006 10:08:22 -0700) wrote:
>> That makes sense.  But why is the ia64 git tree missing the Linus
>> objects and tags in the first place?
>"tags" is a bit ambiguous here, there are two possible things that
>you might be talking about when you say "tag" w.r.t. a GIT tree.
>1) A file in .git/refs/tags/ that contains the SHA1 of a git object.


>2) A git object of type "tag".
>The files in .git/refs/tags refer to GIT tag objects.  Usually a
>tag object is a pointer to a commit object ... but they can point
>at anything (the v2.6.11 tag object points to a "tree").
>Things get more complex from here.  My tree contains none
>of the .git/refs/tags files (because I "git push" the heads of the
>release/test branches up from my local tree, anf this won't copy any
>tags files up ... even though they are all in my local tree from
>my "git fetch linus" pulls from Linus).

Could you push the refs/tags from your tree as well?  Many of the git
trees on have copies of Linus's tags, which makes it a bit
easier to cross reference.

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