RE: patches added to release/test trees

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2006-06-23 03:34:06
> May 16.  The Makefile is for 2.6.17-rc5.  Is there a propogation delay
> on your git updates before they hit

Yes, there is a delay.  I update to a backend system at which
regularly rsyncs the data to the two front-end systems: {www1,www2}
The delay varies depending on load on the systems, and the overall internet
weather.  It can be as short as a couple of minutes.  When it goes above
a couple of hours it indicates there is a problem.  The updates to the
two front-end systems are independent ... you can force access to one
or the other by using the www1, www2 names to see whether one managed to
get the update.

> BTW, is there any reason that the aegl git tree has no tags?

I haven't thought of any useful way to use tags.  But perhaps it's
becuase I mostly think of my GIT trees as conduits to Linus/Andrew.
If you have suggestions on how I can make my trees more useful to
you by tagging things, then let me know.

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