Re: FOR REVIEW: New x86-64 vsyscall vgetcpu()

From: Zoltan Menyhart <>
Date: 2006-06-16 22:36:52
Just to make sure I understand it correctly...
Assuming I have allocated per CPU data (numa control, etc.) pointed at by:

	void *per_cpu[MAXCPUS];

Assuming a per CPU variable has got an "offset" in each per CPU data area.
Accessing this variable can be done as follows:

	err = vgetcpu(&my_cpu, ...);
	if (err)
		goto ....
	pointer = (typeof pointer) (per_cpu[my_cpu] + offset);
	// use "pointer"...

It is hundred times more long than "__get_per_cpu(var)++".

As we do not know when we can be moved to another CPU,
"vgetcpu()" has to be called again after a "reasonable short" time.

My idea is to map the current task structure at an arch. dependent
virtual address into the user space (obviously in RO).

	#define current	((struct task_struct *) 0x...)

No more need to for "vgetcpu()" at all. The example above becomes:

	pointer = (typeof pointer) (per_cpu[current->thread_info.cpu] + offset);
	// use "pointer"...

As obtaining "pointer" does not cost much, it can be re-calculated at
each usage => no problem to know when to recheck it, there is less chance for
using the data of a neighbor.


Zoltan Menyhart
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