RE: [RFC 1/2] Xen/ia64 modified files

From: Tian, Kevin <>
Date: 2006-06-06 19:47:42
>From: Jes Sorensen
>Sent: 200666 17:15
>>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Williamson <> writes:
>Alex>    This patch includes only the modifications to existing
>Alex> Linux/ia64 files to support both privileged and un-privileged
>Alex> guests on Xen/ia64.
>- In general I don't like this CONFIG_XEN being added everywhere. It
>  would be much nicer if we could seperate the majority of the Xen
>  code into a seperate file that is only compiled in when enabled.
>- In many cases expanding and using the machvec table would reduce
>  ugliness of the patches. For instance in the dma mapping code,
>  simply define a set of Xen specific functions that do all the magic
>  stuff nobody else cares about.

Hi, Jes,
	Thanks for careful review. I agree that xen should be introduced 
as some type of new 'box' as others, like current sn/hp/dig under 
arch/ia64. That does save many ugly checks for is_running_on_xen 
scattered in common code. Future it would be even worse. Actually 
that's the way how xen/x86 has already done currently, where 
mach-xen is introduced under arch/i386 and thus the hierarchy is 
much cleaner. IMO, that's one of the outstanding gaps between 
xen/x86 and xen/ia64, and time for change now. :-)

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