ia64 kexec bug/warning

From: Horms <horms_at_verge.net.au>
Date: 2006-06-06 14:13:15

I am seeing the following when I kexec -e on ia64, is it anything to
worry about? The kexec seems to succeed regardless.

Synchronizing SCSI cache for disk sda: 
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:04:01.1 disabled
GSI 25 (level, low) -> CPU 1 (0x0000) vector 49 unregistered
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:04:01.0 disabled
GSI 24 (level, low) -> CPU 0 (0x0100) vector 48 unregistered
Starting new kernel
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:03:01.0 disabled
GSI 48 (level, low) -> CPU 0 (0x0100) vector 50 unregistered
ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:03:01.1 disabled
GSI 49 (level, low) -> CPU 0 (0x0100) vector 51 unregistered
BUG: warning at arch/ia64/kernel/irq.c:155/migrate_irqs()

Call Trace:
 [<a0000001000124d0>] show_stack+0x50/0xa0
                                sp=e00000007d277b20 bsp=e00000007d271128
 [<a000000100012550>] dump_stack+0x30/0x60
                                sp=e00000007d277cf0 bsp=e00000007d271110
 [<a0000001000112c0>] fixup_irqs+0x4a0/0x5c0
                                sp=e00000007d277cf0 bsp=e00000007d2710d8
 [<a000000100056920>] __cpu_disable+0x5c0/0x660
                                sp=e00000007d277d80 bsp=e00000007d271088
 [<a0000001000ccfa0>] take_cpu_down+0x20/0x80
                                sp=e00000007d277dc0 bsp=e00000007d271070
 [<a0000001000dd8e0>] do_stop+0x280/0x3a0
                                sp=e00000007d277dc0 bsp=e00000007d271030
 [<a0000001000befd0>] kthread+0x230/0x2a0
                                sp=e00000007d277dd0 bsp=e00000007d270fe8
 [<a000000100014990>] kernel_thread_helper+0xd0/0x100
                                sp=e00000007d277e30 bsp=e00000007d270fc0
 [<a0000001000094c0>] start_kernel_thread+0x20/0x40
                                sp=e00000007d277e30 bsp=e00000007d270fc0
Unexpected irq vector 0x31 on CPU 1!
CPU 1 is now offline
Linux version 2.6.17-rc5-g3fca936d-dirty (horms@XXX) (gcc version 3.4.5) #58 SMP Mon Jun 5 12:46:43 JST 2006

I'm using Tony Luck's ia64 git tree from kernel.org, testing branch,
commit 3fca936d5a72905679b0389c7669013e788041c9, latest as of yesterday.

Hardware is the following (Japanese)

Horms                                           http://www.vergenet.net/~horms/

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