Jobs at MarketGlobe int. : Administrative Assistants in Australia and NZ

From: Peter <>
Date: 2006-06-06 01:24:58
MarketGlobe Int. is now hiring in Australia and New Zealand.  A USA 
company, MarketGlobe, provides a significant amount of international online 
sale transactions using eBay and other similar auction organizations. What 
we do is to provide a convenient, customer friendly and
cost-effective service for any potential customer, whether it is a person, 
business or fundraising organization to drop off the items online. The 
administrative assistant/sales support representative key objective is to 
contribute to the sales force and facilitate our cost-effective service 
dedicated to individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the globe.

Location: This position implies that all the communications should be 
performed online, and thus it is a work at home position.

Requirements: access to the Internet, combined with Excel skills. Besides, 
you must be willing to dedicate maximum 3hours per day from Monday to 

Costs and Fees: You do not have to pay anything. As for all the fees related 
to this position are paid by the company.

Working day: You will have to work part-time and thus spend approximately 3
hours per day, five days a week (Monday-Friday). Your schedule will be 

Wages: During the probation period you will receive 1,000AUD per month, plus 
a 5% commission from every successful transaction. Taking into account the 
current number of clients, your average salary per month will increase up to 
1,800AUD. The probation period being over, your base salary
will go up to 1,500AUD per month, plus 5% commission.

Further Hiring Process: Please send your CV to:
   Bear in mind that only successful applicants are responded, and then 
offered a position in our company on a probation period of one month 
starting from the beginning of the work, during which you will be given 
training and
online support while working and being paid.
   Employees on a one month probation period are evaluated at least one week 
before their probation period is over. During the probation period, the
supervisor can recommend termination. The probation period being over, the
supervisor can recommend continued employment, extension of the probation
period, or termination. If you feel like asking for extra training hours, 
you are always welcome.
   Direct all the questions, as well as your CV, to

Thank You,
Mary Reeve.

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MarketGlobe Int.
32 Wooncepit Rd Harwich Port MA 02646
Tel: (508) 632-0368
Fax: (508) 632-0368

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