Re: [Fastboot] Where is the latest patch of kdump for ia64?

From: Ken'ichi Ohmichi <>
Date: 2006-06-02 15:32:00

2006/05/31 18:40:54 +0900, Takao Indoh <> wrote:
>I am interested in kdump on ia64 and I am looking for the latest
>patch of kdump.
I found ia64-kdump patch from Zou Nan hai. Isn't this patch latest?

I tested this patch on the system. As the result, the system froze while
switching to second kernel (in relocate_new_kernel).
Can you do kdump with this patch?

Test environment:
  CPU        : Itanium 2, 1.0GHz
  Memory     : 6GB
  Kernel     : linux-2.6.15
                + ia64-kexec-kdump-2.6.15.patch (2006/03/14 from Zou Nan hai)
  Kexec-tools: kexec-tools-1.101
                + kexec-tools-1.101-kdump.patch (2006/03/14 from Zou Nan hai)
                + ia64-kexec-tool-kdump.patch   (2006/03/14 from Zou Nan hai)
  Package    : RHEL4AS-U3

Ken'ichi Ohmichi
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