[RFC 0/3] IA64 Long Format VHPT support

From: Ian Wienand <ianw_at_gelato.unsw.edu.au>
Date: 2006-05-02 15:25:46

Following from this message are patches to enable the Long Format VHPT
on IA64, which I am posting in the hope of community review.  They are
against 2.6.17-rc3, and work for machines I have access to.  These
patches have long been a chicken-egg problem, but I believe that there
are now multiple people interested in using LVHPT for dynamic page
size support in some form.

There are two papers which reference this work

Itanium Page Tables and TLB
Matthew Chapman, Ian Wienand, Gernot Heiser

Itanium - A System Implementor's Tale
Charles Gray, Matthew Chapman, Peter Chubb, David Mosberger-Tang, Gernot Heiser

Any comments are welcomed.

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