Re: [Fedora-ia64-list] kernel 2.6.16-1.2097_FC6 unbootable on Itanium

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2006-03-30 19:57:04
>>>>> "Tony" == Luck, Tony <> writes:

>> I also tried yesterday's snapshot 2.6.16-git17 on my tiger4, it
>> doesn't boot :-(
>> So far we have reports on:
>> (1) doesn't boot on altix (2) 2.6.16-git17 doesn't boot on
>> tiger4 (3) Jes's strange .section causing some hangs.

Tony> Tiger still boots with my release tree (just has seven patches
Tony> that haven't been sent to Linus yet, including Russ' fix for my
Tony> merge goof that created item "3" above).  I haven't pulled in
Tony> from Linus in about three days, so I'm about 458 commits behind
Tony> the bleeding edge.  So a "git bisect" between Linus head and the
Tony> point where I last merged (commit 64bc0430) might yield the
Tony> problem (for Ken's tiger boot issue).


Please note that if I compile the kernel on a box with an old
installation and old toolchain the kernel boots, same source tree
built on a system with a new installation and it doesn't boot.

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