RE: accessed/dirty bit handler tuning

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2006-03-30 09:59:21
Zoltan Menyhart wrote on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 9:02 AM
> Can you please tell me why are the pud - pmd pointers are re-checked
> in "vhpt_miss" ?

This code has been there for over five years, and was written by a
prominent ia64 pioneer. I trusted it with my whole heart that it is
there for a good reason.

> As far as I know, pud, pmd, pte pages can go away only via:
> 	free_pgtables()
> 		free_pgd_range()
> 			free_pud_range()
> 				free_pmd_range()
> 					free_pte_range()
> If a 0xa000... stuff goes away => BUG.
> For the user mode pages:
> "free_pgtables()" is called only from:
> - "exit_mmap()": we simply cannot have the chance to have a vhpt miss
> - "unmap_region()" calls "unmap_vmas()" before "free_pgtables()":
>    again, we cannot fault in that region
> Have I missed something?

OK, let's see what happens without re-read pud/pmd:

cpu0                            cpu1                  cpu2
Vhpt miss:
  walk page table
                                ptc.g fault address
                                ptc.g hash address
                                                      new page instantiation
  itc.d faulting address
  itc.d hash address
  read pte
  kill tlb for fault addr

Touch fault addr
Walker install the tlb
with staled vhpt tlb
-> using someone else's page
 -> data corruption
   -> poor kernel engineer
      scratch his head with
      straight 7 days of debug
      with no clue what the
      hack is going on ....

It's a far fetched scenario, but ....

I suppose we can close the race with killing hash address tlb along with
the faulting address tlb.

- Ken
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