gnu-efi-3.0c is available

From: Stephane Eranian <>
Date: 2006-03-24 20:34:27

I have released a new version of the GNU-EFI package.
This package is used to build EFI applications on Linux
for both IA-32 and IA-64 architectures.

This is a maintenance release with no new features just
updates to support the latest GNU compilers:

	- updated linker scripts to support latest gcc sections.
	  Provided by H.J. Lu from Intel. Special thanks to Jim Wilson
	  for his help.

	- updated library to compile cleanly with gcc4.1.
	  Provided by Raymund Will from SuSE

I have tested the package on Linux/ia64 with Debian gcc-4.0.3
and binutils 2.16.91. With this, you can build a working elilo3.6.

It compiles on Debian/i386 with gcc 4.0.3 and binutils 2.6.91.
I dot have the setup to test i386 efi

You can grab the package at:
	MD5SUM: 823e5f04d1c0a7b88831f91fbf12d470

This is the last gnu-efi release that I manage. I am handing over
the maintenance of the package to Nigel Croxon from HP. Please forward
any new questions to him from now on. He is copied on this announcement.


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