Re: [patch 2/2] mspec driver

From: Nick Piggin <>
Date: 2006-03-18 01:16:28
Jes Sorensen wrote:
> Nick Piggin wrote:
>>No problem, I think you should just stop using the VM_PFNMAP flag then.
>>[Linus should jump in here if I'm wrong ;)]
> I'd have to go back and find the discussion to verify, but if I
> remember correctly the conclusion was that I needed to use it in
> order to make sure that vm_normal_page() didn't start thinking it was
> in fact a real page, ie. VM_PFNMAP + never a COW mapping..

Oh of course: the primary purpose for VM_PFNMAP is to signal a pfn
mapping, strangely enough. The COW facility is additional to that.

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