Re: [PATCH] (-mm) drivers/pci/msi: explicit declaration of msi_register

From: Jun'ichi Nomura <>
Date: 2006-03-17 06:32:52
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.

Mark Maule wrote:
>>There is another problem that CONFIG_IA64_GENERIC still doesn't
>>build due to error in SGI SN specific code.
>>It needs additional fix.
> Ok, looking back at some of my original patches, it seems like the
> declaration of msi_ops got moved from pci.h to and some forward declarations
> in ia64/msi.h were removed.  This patch corrects the build problems.


Greg said:
> these are core pci things that no one else should care about.

Andrew said:
> a declaration for msi_register(), in drivers/pci/pci.h.
 > We don't want to add a duplicated declaration like this.

I think the idea already gets objections.

> The reason for putting struct msi_ops in pci.h is so that msi code that
> resides outside of drivers/pci can use the declaration without having to
> reach down into drivers/pci.

The code in arch/ia64/sn/pci/msi.c looks much like
Why don't you move them to drivers/pci/msi-sgi-sn.c or something?

Jun'ichi Nomura, NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
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