Re: [PATCH: 003/017](RFC) Memory hotplug for new nodes v.3.(get node id at probe memory)

From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: 2006-03-09 23:00:31
Yasunori Goto <> wrote:
> When CONFIG_NUMA && CONFIG_ARCH_MEMORY_PROBE, nid should be defined
>  before calling add_memory_node(nid, start, size).
>  Each arch , which supports CONFIG_NUMA && ARCH_MEMORY_PROBE, should
>  define arch_nid_probe(paddr);
>  Powerpc has nice function. X86_64 has not.....

This patch uses an odd mixture of __devinit and <nothing-at-all> in
arch/x86_64/mm/init.c.  I guess it should be using __meminit
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