Re: [perfmon] Re: quick overview of the perfmon2 interface

From: Andrew Morton <>
Date: 2006-01-21 09:22:47
"Truong, Dan" <> wrote:
> Would you want Stephane to guard the extended
> functionalities with tunables or something to
> Disable their regular use and herd enterprise
> Tools into a standard mold... yet allow R&D to
> Move on by enabling the extentions?

argh.  I'd prefer to avoid one-month gaps in the conversation, so we don't
all forget what we were talking about.

Look, we just need to get these patches on the wire so we can all look at
them, see what they do, understand what decisions were taken and why.

The conciseness and completeness of those patches' covering descriptions
will be key to helping this process along.
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