RE: [perfmon] Re: quick overview of the perfmon2 interface

From: Truong, Dan <>
Date: 2006-01-21 05:37:42
Would you want Stephane to guard the extended
functionalities with tunables or something to
Disable their regular use and herd enterprise
Tools into a standard mold... yet allow R&D to
Move on by enabling the extentions?

Just crippling flexibility/cutting functionality
is like removing words out of a dictionary to
prevent people from thinking different.

It would restrict the R&D mindset, and new ideas.
The field hasn't grown yet to a stable mature form.
It is just beginning: profiling, monitoring, tuning,
compilers, JIT...

Flexibility is/was needed because:
- Tools need to port to Perfmon with min cost.
- Ability to support novel R&D ideas.
- Ability to support growth beyond just PMU data
- Allows early data aggregation
- Allow OS data correlated to PMU

What standardization adds:
- Coordinated access to PMU rssources from all tools
- All tools/formats etc all plug into the same OS framework.
- The interface gets ported across multiple platforms.
- The functionality is rich for all (fast data transfers,
  multiplexing, system vs thead, etc.)


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> > The PMU is becoming a standard commodity. Once Perfmon is
> > "the" Linux interface, all the tools can align on it and
> > coexist, push their R&D forward, and more importantly become
> > fully productized for businesses usage.
> >
> The apparently-extreme flexibility of the perfmon interfaces would
tend to
> militate against that, actually.  It'd become better productised if it
> one interface and stuck to it.
> (I haven't processed Stephane's reply yet - will get there)
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