[PATCH 0/3] msi abstractions and support for altix

From: Mark Maule <maule_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2006-01-20 06:46:47
Resend #5:  bug fixes

Patch set to abstract portions of the MSI core so that it can be used on
architectures which don't use standard interrupt controllers.

Changes from Resend #4

+ Fix an x86_64 build problem
+ Fix an ia64 CONFIG_IA64_GENERIC build problem
+ Fix a bug in the new ia64 reserve_irq_vector()
+ Restore dev->irq if msi_ops->setup fails
+ Redo msi-altix.patch so it applies on 2.6.16-rc1

Changes from Resend #3 

+ Move external declarations of msi_apic_ops out of routines, and up earlier
  in the respective .h files.
+ Add comments to the msi_ops structure declaration

Changes from Resend #2

+ Cleanup the ia64 platform_msi_init macro so it works on non-altix ia64

Changes from initial version

+ Change uintXX_t to uXX
+ Change _callouts to _ops
+ Renamed the _generic routines to _apic and moved them to a new file
+ Have each msi_arch_init() routine call msi_register() with the desired
  msi ops for that platform.
+ Moved msi_address, msi_data, and related defs out of msi.h and into
  msi-apic.c, replaced by shifts/masks.
+ Rolled msi-arch-init.patch and msi-callouts.patch into a single msi-ops.patch


1/3 msi-ops.patch
	Add an msi_arch_init() hook which can be used to perform platform
	specific setup prior to msi use.

	Define a set of msi ops to implement the platform-specific tasks:

	    setup - set up plumbing to get a vector directed at a default
		cpu, and return the corresponding MSI bus address and data.
	    teardown - inverse of msi_setup
	    target - retarget a vector to a given cpu

	Define the routine msi_register() called from msi_arch_init()
	to set the desired ops.

	Move a bunch of apic-specific code out of the msi core .h/.c and
	into a new msi-apic.c file.

2/3 ia64-per-platform-device-vector.patch
	For the ia64 arch, allow per-platform definitions of
3/3 msi-altix.patch 
	Altix specific callouts to implement MSI.
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